Become a Tutor with Courseloka


Do you know an Indian or international language well?

Get paid to be a tutor by helping people learn a language.


Courseloka is a registered Start up with a project to empower people with their languages.

We have produced a very simple system to learn languages online, with or without tutors. 

Our course has proprietary content which can be learnt on website or mobile apps (android and iOS).

We are seeking tutors for our Kannada, English, Hindi and German courses, and, are also seeking tutors for French and popular languages.

You have the possibility of teaching online (calls, skype, other) or in classes. For online tutoring, you can tutor remotely and must have a laptop or tablet or smartphone. 

Tutoring hours shall be flexible and mutually arranged with customers.

After selection, you shall be trained to be a Courseloka instructor.

See our website and to know about Courseloka.