You are a good corporate citizen and welfare of your multi-regional employees is your responsibility, right?

Let Courseloka assist you.

You have multi-lingual employees and hire freshers every year from colleges outside the state.

You transport them to and fro work daily and have to ensure their safety and security, especially of women.

Assisting Indian and foreign employees to adjust and integrate in their job, city, 24x7, work, and company culture ensures better employee performance and reduces attrition.

Prepare them well to thrive in the city for their personal, social, and functional jobs like shopping, finding accommodation, travel, dining, and handling medical and other emergencies that may arise.

Thrive not survive

Communicate properly, not ‘just manage’ with a few broken words.

Peace of mind

Thus, they can be more adjusted to life in the city with less hassle and more peace of mind.

Women safety

Compliance requires security, especially in the night shift and travel.

Benefits of Courseloka's language courses

Employees can learn in their own time not office time, saving many hours of training costs.

Language cannot be learned in a few days in classrooms.

With Courseloka’s app, lessons are downloaded for offline reference 14x7, anytime, anywhere to practice in real situations. With audio lessons, they can learn to recognize and speak languages.

Integration in the city

Kannada language learning to reduce language and cultural difficulties. 

Integrate in the company

Reduce attrition and integrate better with a multi-regional workforce.


Save time, cost, and effort for effective transactions.


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