Are you an African student in Bengaluru/ Karnataka?

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Do you want to …

Communicate with cab drivers and auto drivers? 

Order delicious local specialties in restaurants?

Socialize with locals and soak in the culture?

Make enquiries, explore tourist spots and handle emergencies?

Are you frustrated trying to communicate with auto wallas, shop keepers, maids, and landlords?

Only because you do not speak Kannada, Karnataka’s local language?

Don’t be insecure, helpless or distressed when interacting with locals.

Kannada is Karnataka state’s local language, spoken by locals, government, service providers… i.e. 90% of the population.

Nelson Mandela said ❝If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

Learn Spoken Kannada

  • Gain acceptance

  • Travel freely & securely
  • Save time and effort

  • Make friends


Let Courseloka help!

Courseloka’s handy Kannada ‘Reference App’ is just the app for you.

It gives you 24x7 access to spoken Kannada conversations as you move about the city.

Courseloka’s Spoken Kannada courses on Mobile App and Desktop are designed for foreigners.

  • Use as a ‘Reference App’, or, learn Kannada - your wish.

  • 'Spoken Kannada' without the script

  • Easy to use, with audio & images

  • Useful and simple conversational sentences

  • Topics: Travel, Shopping, Enquiries, Accomodation, Food, Emergencies, and the like.