How I created the name ‘courseloka’

How I created the name ‘courseloka’

Courseloka is my new venture in the online education (elearning) space. It went live in Jan 2016 with ‘Spoken Kannada’ courses on ‘courseloka’ mobile app and desktop.

Time taken to create name: 1 hour

My requirements of the name were:

  • Domain must be available
  • Name must relate to education
  • A Sanskrit name combined with English
  • Name must be unique and not long

Challenge: Most properly spelt domains are already booked.

Reality: Most online domain names are arbitrary with intentional mis-spelling, abstract to the point of “the name does not mean anything, it’s just a brand name”.

Strategy: Take a word and introduce a spelling mistake.

Then I thought, my school’s English teacher would have cringed, “We taught her English so well, and, she was a good student. How could she create a brand name with a spelling mistake?”.

Revised strategy: To combine 2 words to create a unique name.

Idea: a (Sanskrit/ Hindi + English) name in the education space.

I had come up with 40 names of word combinations a few months back. However, I continued the search for a name.

Words considered: Place of study like academy, university, college, classroom, paathshaala, school, ashram.

However, online courses are not delivered in ‘physical places of study’.

On google search for Sanskrit names, I found ‘Loka’: ‘World’ in Sanskrit and ‘Universe’ in Jain texts.

Loka alludes to place, world, a spiritual plane, realm, abode, dimension, or plane of existence. Example: triloka, swargloka. Read  and

‘Loka’ clicked instantly in my mind as an ideal name, because online courses reside in the global internet, not in a physical place and are delivered worldwide.

Then, I wanted an english name with ‘loka’. I quickly thought “what do we do?” – we offer courses. Instantly, the name courseloka was created.
I asked a few friends, they liked the name too.

I checked the domain availability, and it was available. I immediately booked courseloka domains and digital properties.

Viola, ‘courseloka’ it is.

Signup & see Demo:

Buy on

First course: Kannada Spoken

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